by Butter

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released August 29, 2019

mastered by ADAM GONSALVES
written and performed by BUTTER
photos by TASH BIELAGA




Butter Portland, Oregon

Aaron + Tom + Jarrett
working class pop
portland, or

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Track Name: Round + Round
nothing can keep me focused
friday’s almost here, can we just have some fun?
cause I can’t take this emotion
rushing through my veins so quickly
no, i’ve got to run

I am terrified of all the creatures I might find
when the lights turn off and the music stops so cold
something deep inside is still there fighting for its life
I don't have to fear when I can lose control

just sip your drink and drown
in the familiar sound
you make the record spin round
and around and around
turn up and tear shit down
like you got friends in town
that you just got to show round
and around and around

I can’t keep my composure
3.5 a stop, no bands to pop, still hit the show
they said don’t come no closer
but i’ll take another step
I won’t regret my tomorrow
Track Name: Nicotine
can we just get out of here?
fuck this place, let’s disappear
into a space that we can call our own
ride off in the sun
forget the past, leave everyone
but the days add up and always show that

not everything you get you can give up
but just a moment of bliss will be enough
I swear
no feeling in the world compares
but like a pocket that was picked, i’m going bust
oh baby, i’m the counterfeit that you can trust
I swear
I’ll be right back, I need some air

I need a reason to step away
get my focus
I need a reason to seperate
I can’t control it

I need a little nicotine
just a little nicotine

tonight the stops are pulled
gas the tank, empty to full
I wanna feel like this could never end
it’s too much on your own
surround yourself, don’t be alone
and if nothing's real, just play pretend
Track Name: Salvation
if what goes up must all come down
then any second now we’ll hear a sound
and if it’s a game, she’s in too deep
cause when she takes her turn, she plays for keeps

well she’s not wasting time
she wants that whole new life
a house, crib, and a ring
she wants it all in sight

well I know I helped her pack her car up
and I know I couldn’t stop myself
if she spent a little time round me lately
she’d say I was going straight to hell

and if there’s one thing you should know
nothings in control
no, nothings waiting at the ending light
and no, I don’t know where to go
i’m just as lost as you
and girl, I thought that was the point tonight

well I was cursed, I had placed my bets
memories of the truth just bring regrets
no, I don’t get who I tried to be
but you cannot love someone sight unseen

well she’s not wasting time
she’s got that whole new life
now everything she needs
she’s got it all in sight

but she thinks a union founded with a shotgun
is a reasonable place to start
so when I tell you that I dodged that bullet
you know it’s coming from the heart
Track Name: Think Twice
be a man and choose your side
that’s the plan that’s been defined
but it’s a lie, to be sure
to be sure

what I break I better buy
well I should take my own advice
sometime, to be sure
to be sure

well you know it lingers in the distance
and you know it’s something swimming deep inside
but if you think it’s just part of existence
please, think twice

you can’t help but look away
through your rosy tinted frames
it’s a shame and it’s a crime
but you don’t mind

nothing ever stays the same
and there’s a part you’ll have to fake
till you make it, but you’ll be fine
you’ll be alright

well if you think you linger in the distance
if you think you’re trapped in silence deep inside
if you think you’re not part of existence
please, think twice
Track Name: Freakout!
I used to always shy away from the spotlight
before I knew better
I thought that raising my voice made me feel like
I was a beggar

then you strode into the room
you rose me from my tomb
you showed me how a seed might one day bloom
I couldn’t understand
I didn’t think back then
that I would give a damn

then you said
don’t just stand there, freakout!
look at how we put on a show
don’t be so scared to freakout!
and dance here with somebody who knows
how to twist ourselves together
under slivers of moonlight
show me how to let it all go
oh, tonight could last forever
if forever it feels right
tell me cause I just want to know
how to freakout!

I thought the world was a cut and dry place
inked with pen on paper
but see, it’s really more like a blank slate
and a chalk eraser

and i’ve finally realized
the way i’m hypnotized
has come to haunt me one too many times
so now I shed my skin
this is where I begin
it’s time to move again

so I say